Chloé Noua Boots

Chelsea boots are a fashion classic that spark much nostalgia in me. I grew up in the countryside and, when it wasn’t so muddy that wellies were required, I worked my way through several pairs of Chelsea boots, traipsing through fields and traversing cobbled streets. Though I’m an adopted city girl these days, my love for a good sturdily soled boot hasn’t waned. Enter the elevated take on the timeless Chelsea style: Chloé’s Noua boots.

These boots were something of an impulse purchase. I’d been eyeing the very similar Proenza Schouler boots with contrasting topstitching for a couple of years. About to start a new job with a long, walking-heavy commute, I had the perfect excuse to finally pull the trigger on some practical winter shoes with a fashion-y touch. I came across these boots by chance when browsing the new arrivals on Matches and, with even more funky topstitching than the Proenza alternative, it was love at first sight.

When it comes to new shoes, I’m incredibly fussy – not because of aesthetics, but due to my feet being so sensitive that they disagree with almost everything*. Most shoes give me blisters, no matter how long I try to break them in for. I’m embarrassed by how much money I’ve spent on designer footwear that I can’t wear for more than 10 minutes at a time, so I don’t wish to repeat such choices going forward. Needless to say, I worried when I received these boots because they’re very heavy. When I was a teenager, some glossy magazine told me that you sometimes have to suffer to look good. However dubious this message is, it’s unfortunately tucked somewhere in my neocortex, so I continue to take risks on probably-not-practical shoes. Obviously, I went out for a stroll in the boots within hours of receiving them, voiding the returns window. The best bit? No blisters. None! So these shoes are now up there among my favourites, i.e. the small rotation of styles that I can rely on to not cut my feet up. A solid 10 rating from me.

You can buy the Chloé Noua boots from Matches (and they’re now on sale)

*In case you’re also afflicted with such sensitive feet, I usually live, blister-free, in shoes from Superga and Aeyde. Also the Loewe Flow Runners.


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